Educational Leadership

The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership degree and the certificate programs of the Educational Leadership Department are purposefully designed to equip students for competence in educational excellence and transformational leadership of churches, para-church organizations, and denominational agencies. Educational Leadership courses encourage the student to develop in godly Christian character, competence as a Christian educator, proficiency as a Christian leader, and to develop skills in training others to be Christian leaders. The program has two components: Educational Leadership and Administration and Educational Leadership with Special Groups. The Educational Leadership Department challenges students to strategize, equip, and mobilize for Kingdom tasks.

Foundations of Educational Leadership

E1111 Foundations for Educational Leadership
3 hours
This course is an introduction to the concepts and principles of Christian Educational Leadership. It provides students with a context in which they may formulate their own personal philosophy of Christian Educational Leadership as they consider the biblical, theological, historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations of Christian Educational Leadership.

E1112 Life Span / Human Growth and Development
3 hours
An overview of developmental psychology and a comparison of theories of human growth and development. This course includes pre-natal development through older adult and death. Physical, cognitive, social, and spiritual development of children and adults are presented. Attention is given to consideration of the impact of developmental theory on ministry.

E1113 Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching
3 hours
This course includes a study of the principles and methods of preparation, delivery, and evaluation for effective Bible teaching in diverse cultural settings. The course content includes a discussion of appropriate handling of the biblical text, and effective application of biblical principles. Attention will be given to learning styles and appropriate teaching methodology.

E1114 Counseling for Church Leaders
3 hours
An exploration of the distinctive role of the counselor in a Christian setting. Counseling problems peculiar to church leadership are studied along with personality development, the counselor’s qualifications, pastoral care approaches, crisis ministry, and the ministry of referral. (This course may substitute for P1512 Pastoral Counseling)

E2116 Curriculum Theory
2 hours
A study of the under-girding theories of church curriculum. Consideration is given to curriculum selection, curriculum analysis, and curriculum creation. Students will have opportunity to write samples of age-appropriate curriculum.

Educational Leadership and Communication

E1211 Public Speaking for Christian Educators
3 hours
A practicum dealing with the complete analysis and performance of the speaking task in the context of a church education program. Attention is given to content as well as context for motivational speaking, conferences, devotions, and public announcements.

E2117 Conflict Management in Ministry
2 hours
A study of various types of conflict found in the local church and the dynamics of ministering in the midst of conflict. Emphasis will be placed on examining a biblical approach to understanding conflict, identifying causes of conflict, and developing strategies in preventing and resolving conflict. Tools for assessing individuals and systems that contribute to conflict, creating pastoral care interventions for redemptive management, and minimizing the destructive consequences of church conflict will be studied. (Identical to P2533.)

E2211 The Church Media Center
2 hours
A study of the role of media in Educational Leadership, including the organization and administration of an ideal media center. An introduction to the operation and use of media.

E2212 Writing for Publication
2-3 hours
A course to give guidance to students who would extend their ministry through effective writing. Attention will be given to feature writing, the short story, biography, curriculum writing, and books, according to each student’s need and aptitude.

E2214 Dramatic Arts for the Church
2-3 hours
A survey of the field of religious drama as an introduction to the uses of drama for witnessing, worship, recreation, and education. Students gain practical experience in the areas of pantomime, improvisation, play production, choral reading, role playing, puppetry, and other aspects of religious drama.

E2322 Church Web Authoring Class
2 hours
An introduction to the authoring of church web pages, including the objectives of the Internet in the context of the mission of the church and the technology required to implement a web presence.

Educational Leadership and Church Administration

E1312 Ministry Leadership
2 hours
An introduction to basic principles and methods of leadership. Unique aspects of biblical leadership as applied to church, para-church organizations, and denomination will be explored. Current resources and techniques are examined.

E1314 Administration and Church Growth
2 hours
An introduction to basic principles and methods of administration and church growth. Unique aspects of biblical administration and church growth as applied to church, parachurch organizations, and denomination will be explored. Current resources and techniques are examined.

E1412 The Educational Ministry of the Church
3 hours
The study focuses on the principles and methods of creating and implementing an educational strategy to mature and equip believers to become disciple-makers who will effectively build bridges to the local unchurched community to share the Gospel.

E1413 SBC Polity and Practices: Convention Practicum
2 hours
A practicum that includes the study of the Southern Baptist Convention and its polity with observation and participation in an annual Southern Baptist Convention. The study encompasses the Convention's decision-making process and cooperative ministry and missions carried out by Southern Baptists including their participation at various levels.

E2323 Ministry of Supervision
2 hours
A study of the principles and dynamics of supervision as they relate to ministry staff and volunteers. The course focuses on supervision as ministry and investigates models of supervision, stages and systems in supervision, authority and accountability, guidance and direction, motivation, and conflict in the process of supervision. (Identical to P2131.)

Educational Leadership for Special Needs

E2511 American Sign Language
2 hours
An introduction to the language of signs (Dactylology) as used among hearing-impaired people in America today and its implications and impact on the lives of hearing-impaired persons. Includes intensive study and drill in sign language.

E2718 Ministering to People Affected by HIV/AIDS
2-3 hours
An overview of key medical, emotional, psychological, multicultural, and ministerial dynamics in serving people infected or affected by HIV disease. Special attention is given to issues of ministry, church infectious disease policy, congregational education, pastoral care, direct care giving, AIDS in its overall ministry context, and major specific services to offer people with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones. (Identical to P2512.)

Educational Leadership of Children

E2611 Introduction to Early Childhood Educational Ministry
3 hours
An introduction to Early Childhood Education for the purpose of developing church preschools and childcare programs to minister to young children through the local church. It includes an examination of the philosophy of early childhood practice, developmentally appropriate curriculum, stimulating learning environments, effective teaching methods, and classroom management.

E2612 Early Childhood Educational Administration
3 hours
A consideration of planning, developing, and administrating a church preschool or childcare center, this course includes the role of the early childhood administrator as to state regulations, staffing, evaluation, curriculum, budgeting, supervising, relating to parents, and creating an effective learning environment. Prerequisite: E2611

E2613 Ministry to Children
2 hours
A study of child development with implications for religious instruction. Organizations for children in grades 1-6 will be studied.

E2614 Child, Family, and Community Relations
3 hours
This is a course that explores the impact of community and society on children and their families. Course components include family structure, parenting styles, cultural influence, media impact, political implications, and current problems confronting young children and their families in our society. The relationship of church to child and family is explored, and the implications for Christian educators are examined.

E2615 Early Childhood Administration Leadership Practicum
3 hours
This practicum provides an opportunity for students who have completed the Early Childhood Education Certificate requirements to apply knowledge and specific leadership skills in a mentored practical administrative setting. Prerequisites: E2611, E2612

E2616 Intercultural Curriculum for Early Childhood Education
2 hours
Designed to promote a celebration of cultural diversity within an early childhood learning environment, this course provides a survey of culturally diverse curriculum, teaching materials, and strategies for working with children and families from diverse cultures. Topics include curriculum design, selection, and evaluation in consideration of ethnicity, gender, and disability issues. Particular attention is given to application in church and ministry-related venues.

E2617 Health, Nutrition and Safety
2 hours
Designed to acquaint the student with current health, nutrition, and safety practices for children, this course includes certification in Disaster Training, First Aid, and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. Special attention is given to church ministry settings. (Pass/Fail)

Educational Leadership of Youth Ministry

E2709 Contextual Youth Ministry
3 hours
This course explores the distinctive characteristics of adolescents in a variety of cultural settings. It is also designed to provide students with the understanding needed and the tools required to develop appropriate and effective youth ministry practices and strategies within a variety of cultural contexts.

E2710 Youth Ministry Practicum
3 hours
This course provides students with the opportunity to engage in specialized projects within the field of youth ministry. Individual and group projects may include youth ministry research, planning and implementation of youth and/or youth leadership events, or specialized internships.

E2712 Foundations and Practices of Youth Ministry
3 hours
As a study of the historical and philosophical foundations of a specific ministry with youth, this course gives particular attention to organizational components of a church-based youth ministry, including mission, curricular considerations, methodology, and program evaluation.

E2724 International Student Ministry Internship
2 hours
An internship to give students field experience under supervision.

E2727 Youth Ministry Leadership
3 hours
This course represents a study of personal and professional considerations in the life of the youth minister. Particular consideration will be given to intra-personal awareness, interpersonal relationships, administrative skills, team ministry, and spiritual health.

E2728 Contemporary Trends and Critical Issues in Youth Ministry
3 hours
This course is an in-depth examination of critical youth concerns and the behaviors they frequently elicit, including exploration and analysis of current trends and practices in youth ministry with special attention given to the relationship between the development of new practices and notable shifts in youth culture. Topics may include praise and worship movement, high adrenaline/adventure and extreme sport focus, youth churches, gang involvement, suicide, sexual behaviors, eating disorders, violence, divorce, depression, and the resurgence of prejudicial value systems.

Educational Leadership of Collegiate Ministry

E2713 Introduction to Collegiate Ministry
3 hours
The history, philosophy, and methodology of various campus ministries will be studied in general, and that of Baptist Collegiate Ministry in particular. Attention will be given to preparing Christian leaders of collegians respective to the western region of the United States and beyond. The course will focus on those individuals serving the university campus through campus ministries and the local church.

E2715 Collegiate Ministry Internship
4-6 hours
An internship program to give students field experience under supervision. A student who qualifies for this program is required to serve in a college-oriented position for nine months under the direction of an approved field supervisor. Enrollment is limited and permission of the professor is required.

E2719 World Missions and Collegiate Ministry
3 hours
This introductory course in missiology for the collegiate minister seeks to develop in the student a creative understanding of missions as practiced in an international context, especially within a Southern Baptist context. Emphasis will be given to helping students understand their own future ministry, how it can relate to global missions, and how they can involve college students in missions. (Identical to I2270)

E2371 Principles and Approaches to Discipleship

3 hours
This course explores the process of spiritual development as well as methods of discipleship practice in the church. Students will examine the biblical backgrounds of discipleship and the role of spiritual disciplines, community, development of spiritual gifts, and accountability in spiritual growth.

Educational Leadership of Adult Ministry

E2716 Single Adults and the Church
2 hours
A course focusing on the needs, problems, and concerns of the single adult – lifelong singles, widowed, divorced, separated, and single parents. Primary attention is on Educational Leadership innovations in programs, curricula, and activities which can assist the single adult in the performance of his/her role.

E2717 A Church Ministering to Adults
2 hours
A course to prepare students to guide churches in an Educational Leadership program for adults. The course deals with factors related to the maturation and needs of adults and how churches can provide opportunities for growth toward Christian maturity.

E2913, E2914, E2915, E2916 Church and Community Ministries Internship
1 hour each unit
An individual study internship in church and/or community setting(s). The student serves 15 consecutive weeks in an approved Ministry Setting and Project, with an approved Field Mentor and ministry site feedback group. The experience includes field trips and journaling of ministry experiences. The internship requires permission of the Director of TFE. Prerequisite: P1123, or P1121-P1122, or P2119-P2120. (Identical to P2113, P2114, P2115, P2116.)

E3000 Special Studies in Educational Leadership
1-3 hours
A flexible program designed to take advantage of unique opportunities and meet specialized needs of certain students. Among the possibilities are classes taught by visiting professors, reading courses, individual study, and special projects.