Pre-Seminary Studies & Concurrent Undergraduate Enrollment (CUE)

The Association of Theological Schools recommends the following guidelines to its member schools to offer as counsel to students who are preparing for seminary studies: 

(a) Schools should be able to demonstrate that they operate on a post-baccalaureate level, that the students they admit are capable of graduate-level studies, and that their standards and requirements for admission to all degree programs are clearly defined, fairly implemented, and appropriately related to the purpose of the institution.

(b) Schools shall encourage a broad baccalaureate preparation, for instance, studies in world history, philosophy, language and literature, the natural sciences, the social sciences, music and other fine arts, and religion. Because Golden Gate Seminary has requirements in both Hebrew and Greek in the curriculum for the Master of Divinity degree, it is helpful, though not necessary, to have at least some college hours in Greek. 

The Enrollment Services staff is available for counseling with college students about their course of study at any stage of their undergraduate career.


Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary cooperates with qualified institutions in providing opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in special studies leading to advanced course credit or transfer credit, graduate level classroom experience, and/or special academic/missional learning experiences. Approved participation in such opportunities requires seminary admission through the Concurrent Undergraduate Enrollment (CUE) status.

Participants must be currently enrolled in a degree-granting institution. Up to 9 total credits/units earned through the CUE status can be applied toward any GGBTS degree requirement if those same credits/units were not used to satisfy their undergraduate degree requirement. However, an applicant to Golden Gate Seminary may use those credits/units toward qualification for the Advanced Track. Upon completion of coursework, Golden Gate will release earned credit via transcript request. If the applicant speaks English as a second language and does not have a high school diploma or a completed degree from an accredited institution in the US, a minimum TOEFL score of 80 (iBT) or 550 (paper-based exam) must be submitted in order to be approved for admission as a CUE student. Tuition/fees for courses taken under Concurrent Undergraduate Enrollment are the same as degree-seeking students (based on denominational affiliation). Some courses are limited to upperclassmen (Junior/Senior) in Religion/Christian Studies due to existing prerequisites.

Admissions Requirements
1. Completed and signed application form (available for download here)
2. Appropriate application fee
3. TOEFL (if required- see above)
4. Letter of Verification from the Registrar of the institution in which the applicant is actively enrolled stating that he/she is a current student in good standing and confirming class level.
5. Seminary policy on readmission applies - CUE admission status is valid for one full year.

All items above must be submitted to the GGBTS Office of Admissions by the following annual deadlines: 

June or July Term- May 15th; Fall Term- July 15th; January Term- December 1st ; Spring Term- December 15th