Educational Leadership Certificate--CLD

Educational Leadership Certificate--CLD


The Educational Leadership Certificate program provides students with the opportunity to focus 12 hours of academic study in Educational Leadership in order to acquire essential skills for developing and leading an effective educational and discipleship program in a local church.

Entrance Requirements

Students must complete all requirements to become a GGBTS CLD student. The courses in the CLD certificate may be applied toward a CLD Diploma.

Vocational Roles

The program is designed for church leaders who desire to serve as a Sunday School Directors, Small Group Leaders, Ministers of Education and leaders in the educational ministry of the local church.

Course Requirements

Course Title Course # Hours
Life Span Human Growth and Development CLE 1112 3
Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching CLE 1113 3
Educational Ministry of the Church CLE 1412 3
One of the following courses;
Organizing and Leading the Small Church Administration CLE 2412 3
Introduction to Early Childhood Education Ministry CLE 2611 3
Ministry to Children CLE 2613 3
Foundations and Practices of Youth Ministry CLE 2712 3
A Church Ministering to Adults CLE 2717 3
A Church Ministering to Senior Adults CLE 2718 3
Total of 12 credit hours  

Completion Requirements

The Educational Leadership Certificate--CLD is awarded upon successful completion of the required 12 credit hours.