Entering Student Financial Aid

Entering students, whether Southern Baptist or non-Southern Baptist, benefit from financial assistance through the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Cooperative Program is a time honored collective funding strategy where over 40,000 Southern Baptist churches in the United States and around the world pool funds together for the common goal of Kingdom mission. A portion of Cooperative Program funds are designated for Southern Baptist seminaries to directly offset the tuition of those preparing for ministry leadership. Southern Baptist funding offsets direct operating expenses, and that translates into much lower student tuition rates than actual costs incurred. This direct assistance from the Cooperative Program amounts roughly to 40% of actual costs for Southern Baptist students and around 20% for non-Southern Baptist students. It’s an awesome partnership!

Special Scholarship Programs

Golden Gate supports three unique scholarship sources available to qualified entering students. The SBC Mission Service Scholarship recognizes the value and sacrifice of missions personnel in extensive assignments through the International Mission Board or the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Singleton Presidential Scholarship recognizes academic achievement and ministry from undergraduate preparation. The E. Glen Paden Scholarship recognizes the achievements of graduates from the California Baptist University Bachelor of Applied Theology program.  Information and applications for these special scholarships are available through the links above or through the Admissions Office.

Limitations on Financial Aid

Entering full-time students at Golden Gate who are taking on-campus courses qualify for participation in the internal seminary Financial Aid Program and the deferred payment plan. However, financial aid is limited, and returning students are given priority to financial aid funds. Incoming students should budget for all anticipated educational expenses for the first semester of study.

Other Resources for Financial Assistance

  • External Scholarship Sources from Baptist Partners - Golden Gate Seminary cooperates with Baptist partners throughout the states to assist students in ministry preparation. For a current listing of these sources click here.
  • External Scholarship Sources from Foundations and Organizations - Golden Gate Seminary continuously seeks creative financial aid resources for students such as those offered through corporate sponsorships and general educational services. Often, our GGBTS non-Southern Baptist students have found these funds to be extremely helpful in defraying tuition expense. For a current listing of these sources click here.
  • Commercial Educational Loans - While Golden Gate Seminary does not recommend indebtedness for seminary tuition or educational expenses, many students do access the services of commercial educational loan products through private banks and lending sources.
  • Tuition Waiver for Couples - Golden Gate Seminary provides a tuition waiver at 50% to one spouse in a dually-enrolled couple (full-time, Master’s or Diploma level). This discount is applied to the spouse with the lowest tuition expense. The Tuition Waiver for couples is managed through the office of the Registrar.

What About Federal Loans?

Currently, Golden Gate does not participate in Title IV Federal Educational Funding such as Stafford Loans or PLUS Loans. However, Golden Gate is registered with the Department of Education as a qualified institution for deferment of current or ongoing Federal Loan obligation.