Frequently Asked Questions to Land Development Announcement

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are we selling the Marin County property?

a. The development restrictions and community opposition have limited our options.
b. Using the property’s value to propel us to the future is a more prudent choice.
2. Who made the decision to sell the property?
a. The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to sell the property.
3. Who bought the property?
a. North Coast Land Holdings.
4. What is a due diligence process?
a. This is a legally required time period for the buyer to investigate the property. In our case, it will also involve
community engagement.
5. When will all the sale terms be disclosed?
a. They will be disclosed after the sale is finalized.
6. What will the new buyer do with the property?
a. They plan to use the property in a way the community will embrace – for educational and housing purposes.
b. They will share more information as they unveil their plans to the community.
7. When will the seminary actually move from Marin County?
a. We will move in July 2016.
8. Why is the seminary leaving the Bay Area?
a. We aren’t! We will be opening a campus to service Northern California students in a new location in the Bay Area.
9. Where will the new primary campus be located?
a. The seminary will build a new campus in Southern California, significantly expanding our work in that region.
10. How will these changes affect students who live on the Mill Valley Campus?
a. Students who live on the NCC will have two more full academic years to complete their degree programs. After
that, we will work individually to make sure every student can complete their degree.
11. How will these changes affect students who commute to the Mill Valley Campus?
a. They will continue to come here for the next two years and then commute to the new Bay Area Campus.
12. How are employees being impacted?
a. The seminary is fully operational and our faculty and staff are working hard during the transition.