Fall 2015 RENEW Calendar

Note: Check the campus eLoop for regular updates.

Fall 2015 Women's Events

Women Students . . . 

Need a time to relax and share “academic stress and survival” with other women? Ann Iorg, other mentors and RENEW leaders are available to you. Develop relationships with women in the Women to Women Mentoring Program who have already invited you to call them. Email other RENEW Leadership anytime about their area of expertise. Plan to attend events listed in Weekly and Special Events below and announced in the eLoop (weekly newsletter).

Married Students and Student's Wives . . .

All married students and student’s wives are considered members of our Student & Wives Fellowship (SWF) and are encouraged to fellowship with and minister to other GGBTS families. You can practice your leadership skills by assisting with an event or Bible study. Experience the joy of ministering together and become better equipped for future service. If you have news about your family that we can celebrate or offer assistance, please contact Carola Borge at carolaborge@gmail.com.


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