Faculty Role in Institutional Governance

Trustee elected faculty have a substantial role to play in the Seminary's governance as stated in the school’s bylaws and in standards of accreditation. Under the authority of the president and the supervision of the academic dean, faculty members oversee and conduct Golden Gate academic and curricular processes on all its campuses. This includes:
  • Prescribing requirements for admission and graduation
  • Determining the nature and name of degrees to be conferred
  • Designing and evaluating the curriculum and courses of each degree program
  • Insuring that proper processes are followed in the educational work of the institution
In addition to its primary responsibility of organizing and carrying out specific academic assignments, faculty work with the administration in an advisory role in the
  • Development of the Seminary statement of mission
  • Planning and evaluating of the comprehensive Seminary program
  • Budget development processes
This faculty role in shared governance is accomplished by the direct participation of the Academic Council of the faculty in annual and strategic planning, by regular faculty meetings, by participation and/or leadership on committees and work groups, through faculty forums, and by means of formal and informal consultation with the president.