Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL)


The primary purpose of the MAEL degree is to equip students to become competent leaders in the educational ministries of churches, para-church organizations, and denominational agencies. MAEL degree students may study at any GGBTS campus location. However, the degree can only be completed in full by taking certain required courses at a campus accredited to deliver the entire degree. Currently only the Northern California campus, the Southern California campus and the Online Program are authorized to deliver the MAEL in its entirety.

Degree Objectives

The goal for each MAEL student, upon completion of the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, is to:

  1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of scripture, theology, hermeneutics, and Church History.
  2. Demonstrate Christlikeness through personal Bible Study and interaction within the Christian Community.
  3. Know the theoretical base for Christian Educational Leadership.
  4. Demonstrate competence in practical skills for Christian Educational Leadership. These include effective communication, team building, conflict resolution, evangelism, discipleship, creating and evaluating curriculum, administration, embracing cultural diversity.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to effectively lead in Christian Educational Ministry.

Vocational Roles

Courses in Educational Leadership, in conjunction with other seminary courses, are designed to provide preparation for the following occupational roles:

  • Christian Education Minister
  • Family Ministries
  • Adult Ministries
  • Collegiate Ministries
  • Student Ministries
  • Middle Childhood Ministries
  • Early Childhood Ministries
  • Church Preschool Administrator
  • Pastor of Ministries
  • Minister of Discipleship
  • Minister to Small Groups
  • Singles Minister
  • Campus Minister
  • Youth Minister
  • Executive Pastor/Administrator
  • Women's Ministries
  • Minister of Equipping


An appropriate accredited bachelor's degree or its equivalent is required.

Course Requirements

This section is designed to help you keep a record of courses taken and courses needed to complete your MAEL degree.

Course Title Course # Hours
Leadership Discernment
Leadership in Ministry Practicum I* P1121 2
Leadership in Ministry Practicum II* P1122 2

Biblical Foundations
Old Testament Introduction I S1112 3
Old Testament Introduction II S1113 3
New Testament Introduction I S1312 3
New Testament Introduction II S1313 3

Theological Foundations
Christian Theology I L1211 3
Christian Theology II L1212 3
Baptist Heritage and Practice or Church History II L1113/L1112 2/3

Educational Leadership Skills
Foundations for Educational Leadership E1111 3
Life Span Development E1112 3
Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching E1113 3
Ministry Leadership E1312 2
Administration and Church Growth E1314 2
The Educational Ministry of the Church E1412 3
Public Speaking for Christian Educators or Introduction to Preaching/Communication E1211/P1411 3

General Electives
Select from the following courses or any E elective course to complete 49 hours:
Basic Evangelism I1311 2
Worship and Music in the Faith Community P1916 3
Introduction to Missions I1211 3
Counseling for Church Leaders or Pastoral Counseling E1114/P1512 3
Hours to graduate 49

*P1121 & P1122 (TFE) must be taken in two consecutive terms in a fall-spring sequence only. A total of 4 semester-hours credit for the courses will be given at the end of the second term. No credit is earned if both courses are not completed. Variable credit is available by contracting with the TFE Office and identified on the TFE Application. Students must remain in the same Peer Reflection Group for the two terms.

For full-time student verification, students must be registered for 9 semester hours in any given semester and 24 hours for the year. VA students, see Registrar.