Course Numbering

Course numbers are comprised of a letter and four digits and are parsed as follows:

Areas of Study

E: Educational Leadership
I: Intercultural Studies
L: Christian Life and Thought
P: Leadership Formation
S: Biblical Studies

Level of Course within Area of Study

0xxx: Review or Laboratory
1xxx: Required
2xxx: Elective
3xxx: Special Courses
4xxx: THM Courses and Seminars
5xxx: PHD Courses and Seminars

Divisions within an Area of Study

P11xx: Ministry
P14xx: Preaching
P15xx: Pastoral Care
P19xx: Worship

Divisions within a Field

S121x: General OT Studies
S122x: Studies in the Torah
S123x: Studies in the Prophets
S124x: Studies in the Writings

Series Number

S1221: Genesis
S1222: Exodus
S1224: Deuteronomy