Master of Divinity Advanced Track (MDIV-AT)


The Master of Divinity-Advanced Track program is a three-year degree program available to students who have significant preparation in biblical, theological, or applied Christian studies at the bachelor's level. Such students may want to customize their MDiv program in a way that allows them to avoid redundancy and build upon previous learning. 

The MDIV-AT requires a minimum of 75 hours to complete. Students interested in Military Chaplaincy under MDIV-AT program are responsible for meeting chaplaincy requirements.

The Master of Divinity-Advanced Track can be completed in its entirety only at the Northern and Southern California Campuses. Students resident at other campuses may request admission to the MDIV-AT only with the understanding that those campuses may not offer sufficient elective hours to support the entire degree. Thus MDIV-AT students at those campuses will be obligated to travel (at their own expense) to the NCC, SCC, or other campuses to secure the courses necessary to earn the MDIV-AT.


Students must:
  1. Meet the standard Seminary admission requirements.
  2. Have a 3.0 overall grade point average (GPA) in their undergraduate work.
  3. Have a 3.0 grade or better in each of the undergraduate religion courses presented to satisfy MDIV-AT requirements.
Entrance to the program requires submission by the student of a portfolio of course syllabi and assignments representative of the student’s work in previous religion courses.

Application Process

An approved application for admission to Golden Gate Seminary must be on file with the Director of Enrollment Management before applying to the MDIV-Advanced Track.

The application and approval process requires the following steps:

  1. Apply for the MDIV-AT through the Registrar:
    • Since waived requirement(s) typically are introductory courses taken early in  seminary studies, a written request for entry into the MDIV- AT and for evaluation of undergraduate work must be made no later than the student’s first semester of matriculation (by Oct 1 for Fall entry or March 1 for Spring entry)
    • The Registrar will respond to the applicant by written memo detailing eligible coursework and requesting supporting documentation from the applicant
    • Supporting documentation is due within 2 weeks of the sending of the above memo.
  2. Once application packet is complete (initial request, Registrar’s memo, all supporting documentation), the Director of the MDIV-AT Program and the Registrar will evaluate all prior coursework and, if possible, create a customized MDiv Degree plan for the applicant.
  3. If approval for the MDIV-AT program is granted, the Office of the Registrar will send the applicant the customized degree plan. This plan will have no fewer than 75 units of study.
  4. The applicant must respond in writing to the Registrar within one week to accept or decline the custom degree plan.

For further information concerning the MDIV-AT, contact the Registrar's Office.