Collegiate Ministry Certificate (CMC)

Offered only at the Northern California Campus but available for students from all campuses.


The Collegiate Ministry Certificate program is designed to equip persons to minister effectively to college students. Specific collegiate ministry-focused courses provide insight and training in discipleship, evangelism, missions and leadership. Students are trained in ways to implement a comprehensive strategy for impacting the lives of college students. This Certificate is also designed to provide the required electives for a Collegiate Ministry Concentration in the MDIV program.

Entrance Requirements

Students must complete Seminary entry requirements as a regular or special student. This certificate may be earned in addition to other degree plans or as a skill set without degree.

Vocational Roles

The program is designed for collegiate ministry leaders in campus and church-based settings. Emphasis includes ministry in multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environments.

Course Requirements

Course Title Course # Hours
Introduction to Collegiate Ministry E2713 3
Basic Evangelism and Collegiate Ministry I2330 2
World Missions and Collegiate Ministry E2719 3
Principles and Approaches to Discipleship E2371 3
Collegiate Ministry Internship* (Offered annually) E2715 4-6

The Internship can be completed in any collegiate ministry setting with the approval of the Educational Leadership Department and the assignment of an approved Field Supervisor.

*E2715 may not be taken concurrently with, nor does it replace, P1121/P1122 or P2119.

Completion Requirements

The Collegiate Ministry Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the required 15 credit hours.

The transfer of coursework into the CMC is governed by the GGBTS transfer policy. Please see the section on Transfer Credit for details.