Diploma in Christian Ministry (DCM-CLD)


The Diploma in Christian Ministry-CLD (DCM-CLD) is offered at a post high school level and consists of seven required courses plus one elective course. These courses constitute basic training in Christian thinking, living, and leading for persons entering ministry in or through a local church.

Course Requirements

This section is designed to help you keep a record of courses taken and courses needed to complete your diploma.

Course Title Course # Hours
Biblical Study
Old Testament Survey CLS1114 3
New Testament Survey CLS1314 3

Life and Thought
Baptist Heritage and Practice CLL1113 3
Christian Theology Introduction CLL1212 3

Leadership Formation
Ministry Foundations CLP1111 3
Communicating the Gospel: Preaching and Teaching that Transforms CLP1411 3
Missions, Evangelism and Church Planting CLI1351 3

Electives (Any ONE three-hour course including the following)
Introduction to Church Planting CLP1313 3
Intercultural Communication CLI1113 3
How to Understand the Bible/Biblical Hermeneutics CLS2521 3
Introduction to Christian Counseling CLP1512 3
Pastoral Ministry CLP1511 3
CLD Center choice based on context and catalog course listing   3
Total Hours 24