Diploma in Theology (DTH-CLD)


The Diploma in Theology-CLD (DTH-CLD) intends to offer pre-baccalaureate diploma-level training for those in or entering ministry leadership positions. Admission to the DTH-CLD program is contingent upon completion of the Diploma in Christian Ministry-CLD or the equivalent. The DTH-CLD is a ten-course program beyond the DCM-CLD which can be completed in one to two to three years.

Course Requirements

This section is designed to help you keep a record of courses taken and courses needed to complete your diploma..

Course Title Course # Hours
Biblical Study
Intermediate Old Testament (CLS1114 prerequisite) CLS2100 3
Intermediate New Testament (CLS1314 prerequisite) CLS2300 3

Life and Thought
Survey of Christian History CLL1111 3
Intermediate Christian Theology CLL1211 3

Leadership Formation
Spiritual & Leadership Formation CLP1115 3
Leadership in Ministry Practicum: Fall/Spring CLP1121-22 4
Planned Pulpit Leadership OR Principles & Approaches to Bible Teaching CLP2421/CLE1113 3
Educational Ministry of the Church CLE1412 3

Electives (This could include anyone of the following)
How to Understand the Bible/Biblical Hermeneutics CLS2521 3
Christian Ethics: Personal and Corporate CLL1411 3
Introduction to Christian Counseling CLP1512 3
Organizing and Leading the Small Church CLE2412 3
Pastoral Ministry CLP1511 3
Maturing & Multiplying God's People/Principles of Discipleship CLE2317 3
Total Hours (with DCM-CLD) 52

Students and directors may also choose electives from courses listed as electives of the DCM-CLD and other catalog-listed courses viewed as critical for the CLD center context and approved by the CLD Director at GGBTS.

8 courses/24 hours for the DCM-CLD plus 10 additional courses/28 hours for the DTH-CLD.