Diploma in Church Planting (DCP-CLD)


The Diploma in Church Planting-CLD (DCP-CLD) is identical to the Diploma in Theology-CLD, except that the DCP-CLD requires "Church Planting" in lieu of an elective.

Course Requirements

This section is designed to help you keep a record of courses taken and courses needed to complete your degree. To the left of each course enter the term in which you enrolled and completed that course.

Course Title Course # Hours
Biblical Study
Intermediate Old Testament (CLS1114 prerequisite) CLS2100 3
Intermediate New Testament (CLS1314 prerequisite) CLS2300 3

Life and Thought
Survey of Christian History CLL1111 3
Intermediate Christian Theology CLL1211 3

Leadership Formation
Spiritual & Leadership Formation CLP1115 3
Leadership in Ministry Practicum: Fall and Spring CLP1121-22 4
Planned Pulpit Leadership OR Principles & Approaches to Bible Teaching CLP2421/CLE1113 3
Educational Ministry of the Church CLE1412 3

Church Planting
Introduction to Church Planting CLI1313 3
Total Hours (with DCM) 52

8 courses/24 hours for the DCM-CLD plus 10 additional courses/28 hours for the DCP