David and Faith Kim School of Global Missions

The David and Faith Kim School of Global Missions was endowed in December 1995 as the David and Faith Kim School of Intercultural Studies.  It was formally dedicated on September 12, 1998 with the mission of becoming the primary provider of intercultural education and experience related to Christian ministry and leadership for both local and global contexts.  The name was changed to the David and Faith Kim School of Global Missions in 2007 to better organizationally address key disciplines related to missions. The school consists of the Department of Mission Studies and the Department of Intercultural Studies.

Through the generous visions of Doctors David and Faith Kim, the school now hosts programs and experiences at the Northern California and Southern California campuses, while overseeing multicultural education for all Golden Gate campuses.

In February 2004, a new wing was added to the administration building to host the intercultural activities and signify the commitment of Golden Gate to intercultural training for our students, faculty, and staff. On November 11, 2004, the Chair of Intercultural Studies was established under the direction of the David and Faith Kim School of Global Missions. Additional programs continue to be developed for contemporary cultural challenges for Christian ministry with a commitment to develop area-focused initiatives related to multicultural ministry. In November 2005, the first Intersect conference was held on campus, adding to the Golden Gate commitment to explore and develop a Christian response to cultural diversity. This conference has become a part of the annual campus calendar.

The David and Faith Kim School of Global Missions oversees the Master of Missiology degree and the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies degree as well as three concentrations that are available with the Master of Divinity Degree – Urban Missiology and Global Missiology and Church Planting.  A Missions Conference held annually in February highlights the mission of the Gospel in America and around the world. “Beyond Teams” and "Life Teams” involve students in strategic missionary opportunities in the United States and around the world through trips organized, led, and planned by Golden Gate Seminary.  Additional practical ministry opportunities are available.

For more information: 415-380-1547 or kimschool@ggbts.edu.