New Student Orientation

Attendance at orientation is required of all new students beginning any diploma or master degree programs and is part of standard admission processes. New Student Orientation is designed to facilitate familiarity with Golden Gate academics, personnel, campus services, registration, Seminary life, and general Seminary policies/procedures. Students find the fellowship, instruction, and “spirit” of orientation to be extremely helpful toward assimilation into the Seminary community and academic success.  

Attendance is not required of transfer students from other SBC seminaries or from other GGBTS regional campuses; however, even transfer students find the information extremely valuable, as all our seminaries operate differently. 

New Student Orientation also includes mandatory testing of English proficiency for graduate-level academic performance through an essay evaluation instrument. All approved students for admissions are issued a copy of the Seminary English Proficiency Policy in conjunction with orientation instructions. In addition, new students are briefed on the Cooperative Program.

All new Northern California students are required to attend Orientation. Online orientation is an option, or will be required if you miss the scheduled orientation day, which is held each fall and spring semester a week prior to the first day of classes—usually on Friday.