Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS)


The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS) is a 50 credit hour master's degree for students involved in multicultural, multiethnic work both domestically and internationally. It seeks to prepare graduates to impact a world for Christ that is increasingly urban and culturally diverse.

Students enrolled in this degree may be those intending to serve as bi-vocational ministers, lay leaders in urban ministries, cross-cultural workers, or community development staff. It is also appropriate for Christians who desire to be equipped to live out their faith more effectively in a secular setting and impact their communities with the Gospel.


Degree Objectives

The Master of Intercultural Studies degree will enable students to

  1. Gain a Biblical - Theological - Historical foundation related to Christian Ministry and the peoples of the earth.
  2. Train students with the unique tools necessary for effective ministry in a cross cultural, multi-ethnic environment in a domestic or international context.
  3. Develop leadership skills in multicultural contexts through increased multicultural awareness and communication skills.
  4. Enhance awareness of issues and develop skills in cross cultural counseling and pastoral care in a multiethnic, multicultural environment.
  5. Understand cultural and contextual specifics of human development.
  6. Prepare students for international and domestic local church ministry and missions through understanding worldview, culture and the challenges of contextualizing the Gospel.



An appropriate accredited bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required.

Course requirements

The Master of Intercultural Studies is comprised of a 26 hour theological and biblical studies core plus 24 hours of  intercultural course work.

Course Title Course # Hours

School of Theology (26 Hours)
Old Testament Introduction I S1112 3
Old Testament Introduction II S1113 3
New Testament Introduction I S1312 3
New Testament Introduction II S1313 3
Church History I L1111 3
Church History II L1112 3
Christian Theology I L1211 3
Christian Theology II L1212 3
Foundations for Ministry P1111 2

Intercultural Ministry Core (14 Hours)
Multicultural Ministry I1114 3
Intercultural Communication I1113 3
Leadership in Ministry Practicum I* (TFE: Multicultural Setting) P1121 2
Leadership in Ministry Practicum II* P1122 2
Research Design I3110 2
Capstone I3111 2
Intercultural Electives (10 Hours)
Choose course electives in Intercultural Ministry (I) which will support the development of specific professional goals. Suggested intercultural courses include intercultural counseling, anthropology, global leadership, community organization and services, and electives related to work in urban centers. Consult an academic advisor for additional suggestions.
Minimum hours to graduate: 50

*P1121 & P1122 (TFE) must be taken in two consecutive terms in a fall-spring sequence only. A total of 4 semester-hours credit for the courses will be given at the end of the second term. No credit is earned if both courses are not completed. Variable credit is available by contracting with the TFE Office and identified on the TFE Application. Students must remain in the same Peer Reflection Group for the two terms.