Church Planting and Practical Mission Training

Golden Gate Seminary emphasizes practical ministry training as an integral part of our academic programs. Depending on the degree program and ministry opportunities, students can focus on intercultural ministry opportunities in their Theological Field Education (TFE) class. Students may be expected to plan a church planting project as part of a theology course, to develop a plan for evangelizing an unreached people group as an assignment in Introduction to Missions, or to seek out a specific target group for sharing the gospel in their Basic Evangelism assignments. These types of intercultural ministry opportunities are common in the overall curriculum at GGBTS. In addition, there are specific practical ministry learning opportunities in The Kim School programs of study:

  • Church Planting Apprenticeship. This is a one- or two-semester option for students who want to develop a new ministry, focus on intercultural needs, or work on a church planting team. Students work with a mentor in their ministry field and meet with a group and facilitator regularly to learn and debrief.
  • Beyond Teams. Each year The Kim School offers several options for short-term international mission trips under the supervision of a faculty member. These trips are purposeful and students will work within an on-going strategy in the country they visit. Students can often get academic credit for this international ministry experience.
  • Church Extension Seminars. These are 10-week laboratory courses that may be jointly sponsored by NAMB, state conventions, or churches. These courses can take place in either summer or semester format, but require approval from the professor.
  • Church Planting Internship. A supervised internship for those who are preparing to start a new church in a specific location.
  • Hands On Program. The Kim School partners with the International Mission Board to provide students an opportunity to experience international missions for 5 or more months while earning academic credit. The Hands On program is open to single and married couples without children who are under the age of 30. Students pay a portion of the costs and the IMB covers the rest. Locations for these assignments are chosen to maximize the learning opportunity of the student. Up to 9 hours of Seminary credit can be earned while serving as a semester missionary overseas.