Bible Teaching Certificate -- CLD (BTC-CLD)

Bible Teaching Certificate-CLD


The Bible Teaching Certificate-CLD is designed to give students greater insight into the content and message of the Bible and ways of presenting the Bible more effectively in various avenues of teaching: Bible Studies, Sunday School, Small Groups, or Personal Discipleship. The certificate is specifically designed to provide the following:
• An introduction to the study of the Old and New Testaments—the backgrounds, content, literature,      exegesis, and theology;
• Practical skills and tools to teach the Bible with power and effectiveness.

Entrance Requirements

Students must complete GGBTS CLD entry requirements as a regular CLD certificate student. This certificate may be earned in addition to other diploma plans or as a skill set without a diploma. The courses in the certificate may be applied to a diploma upon admission to a particular program.

Vocational Roles

The program is designed for Sunday School teachers, Small Group leaders, lay ministry leaders, and other persons interested in advancing their knowledge of the Bible and skill in presenting it.

Course Requirements

Course Title Course # Hours
Biblical Study
Old Testament Survey CLS 1114 3
New Testament Survey CLS 1314 3
How to Understand the Bible/Biblical Hermeneutics CLS 2521 3
Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching CLE 1113 3

Completion Requirements

The Bible Teaching Certificate-CLD is awarded upon successful completion of the required 12 credit hours.