Missions Studies Certificate -- CLD (MSC-CLD)

Mission Studies Certificate-CLD


The Mission Studies Certificate-CLD is designed to fulfill the minimum theological course work required of a mission candidate spouse for appointment by the International Mission Board of the SBC. Although the MSC-CLD addresses the theological educational requirements of the IMB for the spouse of a mission candidate, it is not limited to those preparing to serve in that organization. All courses taken for GGBTS CLD credit can be applied to Golden Gate CLD diploma programs.

Entrance Requirements

Students must complete GGBTS CLD entry requirements as a CLD certificate student. This certificate may be earned in addition to other diploma plans or as a skill set without earning a diploma.

Course Requirements 

Course Title Course # Hours
Old Testament Survey CLS 1114 3
New Testament Survey CLS 1314 3
Introduction to Christian Theology CLS 1212 3
Ministry Elective
  *A three hour elective course that will help equip a missionary for their
   particular assignment on the field. Examples below:
     • Missions, Evangelism & Church Planting CLI 1351
     • Principles & Approaches to Bible Study CLE1113
Total Hours

Completion Requirements

The Missions Studies Certificate-CLD is awarded upon the successful completion of the required 12 credit hours.