Pastoral Ministries Certificate -- CLD (PMC-CLD)

Pastoral Ministry Certificate-CLD


The Pastoral Ministry Certificate-CLD is designed to give students basic pastoral skills to serve in a shepherding role such as an: assistant pastor, deacon, elder in a local church. This certificate includes a study of pastoral ministry with an emphasis on the understanding and nature of pastoral work and pastoral care within the local church setting. Topics include: the basis of pastoral ministry, the tasks of pastoral ministry and the concerns of pastoral ministry.

Entrance Requirements

Students must complete GGBTS CLD entry requirements as a regular or special CLD student.
This certificate may be earned in addition to other diploma plans or as a skill set without diploma.

Course Requirements

Course Title Course # Hours
Old Testament Survey CLS 1114 3
New Testament Survey CLS 1314 3
Communicating the Gospel: Preaching & Teaching that Transforms CLP 1411 3
Pastoral Ministry CLP 1511 3

Completion Requirements

The Pastoral Ministry Certificate-CLD is awarded upon the successful completion of the required 12 credit hours.