Small Church Leadership Certificate -- CLD (SCLC-CLD)

Small Church Leadership Certificate-CLD


The Small Church Leadership Certificate-CLD is designed to provide knowledge and development of leadership skills for the small church. A survey of current methods of church leadership combining lecture/dialogues of practitioners of various ethnic and methodological approaches to local church leadership with an overview of the theology, spirituality, development, and application of leadership in the local church.

Entrance Requirements

Students must complete GGBTS CLD entry requirements as a CLD certificate student.
This certificate may be earned in addition to other diploma plans or as a skill set without earning a diploma.

Course Requirements

Course Title Course # Hours
Ministry Foundations CLP 1111 3
Organizing & Leading the Small Church/Church Admin & Growth CLE 2412 3
Maturing and Multiplying God's People/Principles of Discipleship CLE 2317 3
Pastoral Ministry CLP 1511 3
Introduction to Christian Counseling CLP 1512 3
Total Hours 12

Completion Requirements

The Small Church Leadership Certificate-CLD is awarded upon the successful completion of the required 12 credit hours.