Church Planting Certificate -- CLD (CPC-CLD)

Church Planting Certificate-CLD


The Church Planting Certificate is designed to give church planters/team members greater insight and instruction in church planting methods, as well as create a network of planters in the area of the local CLD center and/or teaching site. This certificate will provide students with church planting knowledge and tools that can help to ensure a higher level of success in church planting in the region near the CLD center and/or teaching site. Specifically, the certificate will provide the following:

  • Evangelism (personal/church), and preaching/communication development
  • Practical skills and tools in church planting ministry
  • A network of church planters

Entrance Requirements

Students must complete all requirements to become a GGBTS CLD student. The courses in the CLD Certificate may be applied toward a CLD Diploma.

Vocational Roles

The program is designed for leaders and other persons interested in becomeing a church planter or a church planting team member.

Course Requirements

Course Title Course # Hours
Basic Evangelism CLI 1311 3
Communicating the Gospel/Preaching & Teaching that Transforms CLP 1411 3
Introduction to Church Planting CLI 1313 3
Reaching the Unreached People Groups CLI 2264 3
Working with Small Groups CLI 2324 3
Church Planting Internship I & II CLI 2356/57 4

Total of 16 credit hours

Completion Requirements

The Church Planting Certificate-CLD is awarded upon successful completion of the required 16 credit hours.