Frequently Asked Questions about GGBTS

Why do you have five regional campuses?

We believe that one of the best ways to receive theological education is to receive it where you already live and minister. So, since Golden Gate’s mandate is to provide Southern Baptist theological training in the western United States, we have established five campuses throughout the West. Furthermore, we have established class schedules in such a way that commuter students can take classes without having to move to the city where the campus is located.

What degrees do you offer?

Golden Gate offers several master’s degrees, two doctoral degrees, and, for those who do not have an undergraduate degree, several diploma degrees.

Can I take any degree at any campus?

You can earn the master of divinity and master of theological studies degree at each campus. Visit each regional campus site for more detailed information on what they each offer.

Where is the main campus?

GGBTS has no “main” campus. We operate five regional, free-standing campuses. However, the system-wide administration is housed at the Northern California location.

Is housing available?

Both the Northern California and Southern California campuses offer housing. The other campuses are 100% commuter-based.

What's the cost?

See the Tuition and Fees page.

Is Golden Gate a conservative or liberal theological school?

GGBTS is owned and operated by the Southern Baptist Convention, a conservative evangelical Protestant denomination. As such, we teach in accordance with the theological statement of belief for Southern Baptists, known as the Baptist Faith & Message.

Do I have to be a Southern Baptist to attend Golden Gate?

You do not have to be a Southern Baptist to attend Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. For more information about admissions requirements, visit the Admissions section of our site.

Do you offer any undergraduate degrees?

GGBTS is a graduate school only. However, we do offer some diploma degrees for those without an undergraduate degree. We also operate many Contextualized Leadership Development centers which offer diploma and certificate programs for those without an undergraduate degree or for whom English is a second language.

Have another question?

Please send us an email or call us toll free 1-888-442-8701 and we'll be glad to answer it!